Apply for Human Mobility Initiative Fund February 2024

Oxfam’s Human Mobility Initiative Fund: Fighting for Fair Migration Policies

Are you a migrant or refugee rights organization fighting for fairer policies?

Oxfam’s Human Mobility Initiative Fund (HMIF) can support your work!

This fund aims to raise 170,000 euros to empower migrant and refugee organizations to influence national, regional, and international policies.

What’s the goal?

  • Respect migrant and refugee rights: Ensure their voices are heard and they have access to dignified solutions.
  • Promote inclusion: Make sure policymakers listen to refugees, migrants, and local communities affected by migration.
  • Transform policies: Advocate for humane and rights-based approaches to migration.

What kind of projects are funded?

  • Research and data collection: Gather evidence to support your claims.
  • Advocacy and campaigns: Raise awareness and push for change.

Examples of project topics:

  • Why people migrate: Explore the complex reasons behind migration, like conflict, climate change, and inequality.
  • Legal rights: Fight for fair treatment, access to documentation, and protection from abuse.
  • Border policies: Challenge unfair practices like pushbacks and forced returns.
  • Women’s rights: Ensure migrant and refugee women have their voices heard and needs met.

Who can apply?

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  • Migrant/refugee-led organizations: Groups directly representing migrants and refugees.
  • Front-line migrant/refugee rights organizations: Groups working directly with migrants and refugees.

Funding details:

  • Total funds: 170,000 euros
  • Grant size: 20,000 – 30,000 euros
  • Project duration: 6 – 9 months

Key dates:

Why apply?

  • Gain resources to make a real difference in migrants’ and refugees’ lives.
  • Amplify your voice and expertise on the global stage.
  • Work with Oxfam, a respected organization with a strong track record.

Don’t miss this opportunity to shape fairer migration policies for all! Apply today!

Important notes:

  • This is a global call, but countries with Oxfam offices are prioritized.
  • Only non-profit organizations with valid registration and relevant experience can apply.
  • Organizations involved in harmful activities or failing to prevent sexual exploitation are not eligible.

Spread the word! Share this information with other migrant and refugee rights organizations so they can join the fight for a more just world

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