Apply Now: UEIP 2024 – Entrepreneurship Program for Undergraduates with Grants and Mentorship

We are now welcoming applications for a special program in 2024 called the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Incubation Program (UEIP 2024).

This program is designed to help students in universities and other higher education institutions in Nigeria who have their own businesses.

The UEIP offers training, advice from experienced mentors, and resources to help these young entrepreneurs grow their businesses. If you want to learn more and get support for your business, we encourage you to apply.

Please pay attention to the steps for applying, as there are two parts to the process:

First Part:

  1. Make a 60-second video where you talk about who you are, what your business does, how it helps your community, and why you should be chosen for this program. Use the hashtag #biodunandibikunle in your video.
  2. Share this video on the business account (not your personal one) on Instagram. Make sure to tag @biodunandibikunle and ask them to collaborate with you.

Second Part:

  1. Go to, create an account, and find the link to apply for grants.
  2. Complete the application form found through the link in your new account. Both the video and the application form are essential steps that you must take.

Additional Information:

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  • Our team will look at your application and video. If you’re successful, we’ll move you to the voting stage and send you a direct message (DM) to let you know. Please ensure your video is clear, filmed at your place of work, and does not have any background music or sounds.
  • Voting will happen on our foundation’s Instagram and YouTube channels. Make sure you follow our Instagram @Biodunandibikunle and subscribe to our YouTube channel before submitting your application.
  • If your application goes through, we’ll share your pitch on our YouTube channel and accept your Instagram invite.
  • For your votes to count, your voters (friends, family, customers, etc.) must follow @biodunandibikunle on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.
  • Buying votes is not allowed. If we find out about vote buying, you will be disqualified.
  • You must interact with your voters on and off our platforms to gather votes. We will keep track of these interactions.

The last day to submit your application is February 25, 2024.

To apply, click on the link provided in the original announcement.

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