FG 50,000 New FG BPO Jobs March 2024 Updates

50,000 New FG BPO Jobs Coming to Nigeria: A Look at the Opportunities

The Nigerian government has announced a fantastic opportunity for Nigerians looking for work! Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • New Jobs: The government partnered with a US company, Lab Four, to create 50,000 new Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs over the next 3 years.
  • Job Types: These jobs will be in various fields, including:
    • Telesales (making sales calls over the phone)
    • Customer service (helping customers with questions and issues)
    • Virtual assistant (providing administrative support remotely)
    • Marketing/social media assistant (helping companies with marketing tasks)
    • Tech/cybersecurity (working on technical tasks related to computer security)
  • Boosting the Economy: The government expects these jobs to bring in $1.2 billion annually to Nigeria’s economy. This money will come from the salaries paid to the employees.

What is NATEP and How Does it Help?

The National Talent Export Programme (NATEP) is a government program created to make Nigeria a leader in service exports and talent development. NATEP focuses on:

  • Creating Jobs: Their goal is to create 1 million service-export jobs in the next 5 years.
  • Growing the Economy: NATEP aims to increase Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings and boost overall economic development.
  • Improving Skills: The program will help develop the skills Nigerians need to succeed in these new jobs.
  • Supporting Businesses: NATEP will also help businesses related to the BPO industry grow.

How to Get Involved

Here’s what you can do to learn more and potentially get one of these new jobs:

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  • NATEP Website: Visit the NATEP website (Click Here) for more details about the program and how to apply.
  • Selection Process: NATEP assures a fair selection process, so be prepared to showcase your skills and qualifications.

Why This is Exciting

This partnership between the government and Lab Four is a significant development for a few reasons:

  • More Opportunities: 50,000 new jobs is a huge boost for the Nigerian job market.
  • Work from Home: Many of these BPO jobs can be done remotely, allowing for more flexibility.
  • Boosting Skills: The program will help Nigerians develop valuable skills in demand worldwide.
  • Economic Growth: These new jobs will bring in significant revenue for Nigeria, strengthening the economy.

Overall, this is a positive step towards creating a brighter future for Nigerians seeking employment and economic growth for the country.


Q1. What is the goal of the collaboration between FG and Lab Four?

The collaboration aims to create 50,000 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs in Nigeria over the next three years. These jobs will be in areas like customer service, marketing, and tech/cybersecurity.

Q2. How many jobs are expected to be created and what are the benefits to the Nigerian economy?

The initiative expects to create 50,000 BPO jobs, potentially bringing $1.2 billion annually to the Nigerian economy through employee remuneration. Additionally, $60 million will be invested to develop the BPO ecosystem in Nigeria.

Q3. What are the four main goals of the National Talent Export Programme (NATEP)?

  • Generate 1 million service-export jobs in the next five years.
  • Increase Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings and revenue.
  • Foster economic development.
  • Stimulate the expansion of related industries and support services.

Q4. How will NATEP ensure qualified candidates are selected for these BPO jobs?

NATEP has promised a transparent job selection process. Only the most qualified candidates will be shortlisted after a thorough evaluation.

Q5. Where can I find more details about the program?

More information about the National Talent Export Programme (NATEP) can be found on their website: www.natep.gov.ng.

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