How to Apply for FJSC Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Portal

Are you interested in working for the Federal Judicial Service Commission (FJSC) in 2024/2025? This guide has simple steps to help you apply. It explains what you need and how to do it. Remember to be careful of scams.

Important Guidelines for FJSC Recruitment 2024/2025

Hello there! The Federal Judicial Service Commission (FJSC) is hiring for the 2024/2025 term.

This web page has all the guidelines you need to increase your chances of getting recruited.

Pay close attention because everything you need to know is right here.

The recruitment process has already started. It’s for people who studied law and are certified to practice it.

If you’re one of them, this article is for you. We really want you to succeed, so we put together this guide to help you. Keep reading to find out more.

Applying for FJSC Recruitment 2024/2025

This article is here to help you apply for a job with the FJSC (Federal Judicial Service Commission). We can’t control their hiring process, but we can show you how to apply.

Here’s a warning: some people might try to trick you. They might call you and say they can get you the job for money. Don’t believe them! Applying for FJSC jobs is completely free. There are no fees to pay ever.

Also, you can only apply for one job with them, not many.

So, be careful and follow the instructions closely. This will make applying for the job much easier!

General Requirements for FJSC 2024/2025 Recruitment

If you’re considering applying for the FJSC 2024/2025 recruitment, here are the conditions you need to meet:


  • Be a Nigerian citizen
  • Possess a law degree or a related legal qualification

Possible additional requirements may include:

  • Minimum number of years of experience in the legal field
  • A clean criminal record
  • Meet a specific age requirement

How to stay updated

How to Apply for FJSC Recruitment

To increase your chances of being employed by the Federal Judicial Service Commission (FJSC), follow these steps to apply:

Register: Create an online CV by registering with your full name, email address, and phone number.

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Profile Creation: Once registered, you can create a profile to showcase your skills and qualifications to the FJSC. You can update this profile anytime using your email and password.

Applying for Jobs:

Follow these simple steps to apply for available vacancies:

  • Visit the official FJSC recruitment portal at
  • Sign up for an account if you haven’t already.
  • Click on the available vacancies.
  • Read and carefully follow the provided instructions.
  • Provide all necessary information as requested.
  • Verify all your information.
  • Submit your application.

After applying, candidates who meet the requirements will be invited for a screening test. The date and screening center details will be communicated to you via email.

Follow these steps diligently to complete your application process.

Important Information

  • FJSC has not initiated its recruitment for this year.
  • We will provide updates as soon as FJSC recruitment begins.
  • Do not trust any claims suggesting that FJSC 2024 recruitment is ongoing at this time.
  • It’s essential to note that applying for a position with the FJSC is entirely free.
  • The application form can be accessed on the FJSC recruitment webpage once the recruitment process starts.

FJSC Recruitment Form Update 2024

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