LIRS extends Deadline for Annual Tax Returns

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Lagos Employers Get More Time: LIRS Makes Tax Return Deadline February 7th

The Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) has given employers one more week to file their annual tax returns. Now they have until February 7th, 2024.

This is good news for many because there were some technical problems recently.

Before, the last day to send these tax returns was January 31st. If people didn’t do it on time, they could get in trouble. But LIRS knows there were issues with their online tax system.

So, they are giving people more time to do their taxes right and on time.

Why Did They Give More Time?

They decided to extend the deadline because of technical troubles with their e-Tax system.

On January 23rd, LIRS said their system was down for a bit. This made it hard for some employers to do their taxes.

LIRS worked fast to fix it but they still gave more time. This is to be fair to everyone.

What Ayodele Subair Says:

Ayodele Subair, who leads LIRS, is telling all employers in Lagos to use this extra time well.

He says doing taxes on time is important and if you don’t, there could be penalties. This is according to a tax law from 2011.

Subair also says if employers find doing taxes hard, they should use the extra time and ask for help from LIRS customer service or at tax help desks.

Why Following Rules is Key:

Even with the extra time, it’s still very important to do your taxes by the new deadline.

Doing your taxes right and on time is following the law and helps you avoid trouble.

LIRS is asking all employers to take this seriously and use the extra time well.

To End:

LIRS made the deadline later because of the unexpected technical problems.

This helps balance following the rules with understanding that sometimes things happen that we don’t expect.

Employers should use this chance, do their civic duty, and follow tax rules by February 7th, 2024.

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