National Treasury Recruitment (June 2024): 9 Various Jobs, Requirements, Application Process

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The National Treasury of South Africa is a key government department responsible for managing the country’s financial resources. The department ensures sustainable economic growth and upholds principles of transparency and accountability. To achieve its goals, the National Treasury regularly seeks skilled professionals.

Open Jobs at the National Treasury

The National Treasury has 9 open positions in June 2024. Here is a list of these positions along with brief details:

  1. Senior Economist: Econometric Research
    • Responsibilities: Conduct econometric research, analyze economic trends, and provide policy recommendations.
    • Qualifications: Advanced degree in Economics, experience in econometric modeling.
    • Experience: 5+ years in a similar role.
  2. Assistant Director: Employee Relations
    • Responsibilities: Manage employee relations, resolve workplace conflicts, and ensure compliance with labor laws.
    • Qualifications: Degree in Human Resources or related field.
    • Experience: 3+ years in employee relations.
  3. Assistant Director: Transversal Systems Controller (Internal Applicants Only)
    • Responsibilities: Oversee transversal systems, ensure system integrity, and manage internal controls.
    • Qualifications: Degree in Information Systems or related field.
    • Experience: 3+ years in a similar role.
  4. Assistant Director: Transversal Contracting
    • Responsibilities: Manage transversal contracts, negotiate with vendors, and ensure compliance with procurement policies.
    • Qualifications: Degree in Supply Chain Management or related field.
    • Experience: 3+ years in procurement.
  5. Chief Director: Fiscal Policy
    • Responsibilities: Develop fiscal policies, oversee budget planning, and provide economic analysis.
    • Qualifications: Advanced degree in Economics or Public Policy.
    • Experience: 7+ years in fiscal policy.
  6. Assistant Director: Policy Development and Internal Control
    • Responsibilities: Develop policies, implement internal controls, and ensure regulatory compliance.
    • Qualifications: Degree in Public Administration or related field.
    • Experience: 3+ years in policy development.
  7. Director: Local Government Budget Analysis
    • Responsibilities: Analyze local government budgets, provide recommendations, and ensure financial sustainability.
    • Qualifications: Degree in Finance or related field.
    • Experience: 5+ years in budget analysis.
  8. Economist: Econometric Research
    • Responsibilities: Conduct econometric studies, analyze data, and support policy development.
    • Qualifications: Degree in Economics, experience in data analysis.
    • Experience: 2+ years in econometric research.
  9. Administration Officer: Employee Relations
    • Responsibilities: Support employee relations activities, maintain records, and assist with conflict resolution.
    • Qualifications: Degree in Human Resources or related field.
    • Experience: 1+ year in administration.

How to Apply for National Treasury Jobs

1. Account Creation

Visit the National Treasury recruitment page.

Click on “Register” to create an account if you are a new user. Existing users can log in using their credentials.

Provide personal information, including your name, email address, and contact details, as required by the registration form.

Confirm your email address by clicking on the activation link sent to your inbox.

2. Searching for Vacancies

Once logged in, go to the vacancy listings section to view available positions.

Click on any job title that interests you to see more details about the position and its requirements.

If you find a suitable vacancy, proceed by clicking on “Apply Now.”

3. Completing the Application Form

Fill out all required fields in the application form accurately and honestly.

Ensure that you have all necessary documents scanned and ready for upload before starting your application.

4. Submitting the Application

After completing all sections of the application form, review it thoroughly for accuracy.

Submit your application electronically through the online portal by clicking on “Submit.”

5. Follow-up

After submission, monitor your email account for notifications regarding interviews or further assessments.

Applicants are advised not to contact hiring managers unless explicitly instructed during the communication process.

Important Tips for Applicants

Prepare Documents: Ensure that all your documents are scanned and ready for upload. This includes your resume, certificates, and any other relevant documents.

Accurate Information: Provide accurate and honest information in your application form. Any false information can lead to disqualification.

Review Application: Before submitting your application, review all the details to ensure there are no errors.

Stay Updated: Check your email regularly for updates on your application status. Follow any instructions provided in the emails.

By following these steps, you can successfully apply for a job at the National Treasury. Always ensure that you meet the qualifications and experience required for the position you are applying for. Good luck with your application

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