Nigerians Abroad Set to Establish N100 Billion SME Bank and Venture Fund in Nigeria

Nigerians Abroad to Launch N100 Billion Boost for Small Businesses in Nigeria

Diaspora Nigerians, a group of citizens living in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and South Africa, are launching a massive initiative to support small businesses in their home country. They plan to establish a N100 billion Venture Capital Fund and a specialized SME Bank, aiming to inject much-needed financial resources and expertise into the Nigerian economy.

This ambitious project is driven by several factors:

  • Government’s push for market-friendly reforms: The Nigerian government’s recent efforts to create a more conducive business environment are seen as an opportunity to attract investments and boost domestic production.
  • Need for foreign direct investment: Nigeria needs more foreign capital to stimulate its economy and create jobs. Diaspora remittances, which already exceed $20 billion annually, represent a significant untapped resource.
  • Commitment to supporting Nigeria: Many Nigerians living abroad remain deeply connected to their homeland and are eager to contribute to its development.

Ekwo Omakwu, a financial consultant based in the US and chairman of the group, emphasizes the importance of diaspora involvement. He highlights the consistent flow of funds from Nigerians abroad as evidence of their dedication to supporting their families and contributing to national growth.

The new venture capital fund and SME bank will leverage the extensive financial networks and expertise of diaspora Nigerians. This will allow them to invest in various non-oil sectors, promoting sustainable development and diversification of the economy.

The group has already taken concrete steps towards realizing its vision by incorporating SME Investments Limited in Nigeria. Their immediate priority is to collaborate with regulatory agencies like the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Securities Exchange Commission, and the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria to establish robust and innovative financial services.

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This initiative has the potential to create significant positive impacts:

  • Increased employment opportunities: The project aims to stimulate job creation, particularly for young Nigerians, contributing to poverty reduction.
  • Boosted economic growth: By supporting SMEs, the initiative can contribute to overall economic growth and diversification.
  • Improved access to finance: The specialized SME bank will provide much-needed financial resources to small businesses, which often struggle to access traditional banking services.
  • Enhanced entrepreneurial ecosystem: The venture capital fund will invest in promising startups and early-stage businesses, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

The success of this project will depend on several factors, including:

  • Regulatory approvals: Obtaining necessary licenses and approvals from regulatory agencies will be crucial.
  • Attracting investors: The group needs to attract sufficient capital from both diaspora Nigerians and other investors.
  • Identifying viable businesses: Selecting promising SMEs and startups for investment will be essential for the venture capital fund’s success.
  • Effective management: Building a strong and experienced team to manage both the fund and the bank will be critical.

This initiative by Nigerians abroad represents a significant step towards supporting the growth and development of their home country. If successful, it can serve as a model for other diaspora communities looking to contribute to their countries of origin.

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