Osun State Civil Service Salary Structure and Allowance full detail

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Learn about salaries and benefits for Osun State Civil Service workers. Understand pay levels, job roles, and extra payments. Find out about changes for 2024 to make sure workers are paid fairly and are happy.

Understanding Osun State Civil Service Salaries and Benefits

The Osun State Civil Service is like a big team that helps the state grow. It’s not just about doing daily jobs. The Civil Service in Osun State also gives rewards for good work and makes sure people have enough to live on.

Let’s learn about how much money people get in the Osun State Civil Service. It’s called the Salary Structure and Allowances. We’ll make it easy to understand, so get ready!

In Osun State, the Civil Service pays its workers based on something called the Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure (CONPSS). This is decided by a group called the National Salaries, Incomes, and Wages Commission. It’s like a rulebook that tells how much money people should get paid for their jobs.

Workers in the Civil Service are put into groups based on their education and what they do. If you just finished school, you might start at grade level 07 or 08. As you work, you can move up to higher grades and earn more money each year.

When people do really well or get promoted to higher positions, they get even more money. For example, if you go from being an Administrative Officer to an Assistant Chief Admin Officer, your pay can go up by more than 100%.

To get promoted, you have to do well on tests or interviews and be good at your job. It’s not just about how long you’ve been working.

Sometimes, the government has a hard time paying workers on time because they don’t have enough money. Labor unions try to make sure workers get paid when they should.

Understanding how much money people make in the Osun State Civil Service helps us see how important their work is and why it’s vital to make sure they get paid fairly and on time.

Understanding Osun State Civil Service Grade Levels and Job Roles

In the Osun State Civil Service, there are different levels of jobs with different pay ranges. Let’s take a look at them:

Grade Level 01 – ₦19,500 to ₦27,000: At this level, people usually do basic administrative jobs like helping in offices. They might be office assistants, cleaners, tea servers, or security guards. Their work is essential for keeping things running smoothly.

Grade Level 02 – ₦21,000 to ₦29,500: Here, you’ll find junior clerks and assistants who have a bit more responsibility. They might have received some training in using equipment or computers. These employees help with important tasks to achieve the organization’s goals.

Grade Level 03: Workers in positions like skilled artisans, machine operators, drivers, and junior technicians in Osun State’s public service fall under this grade. They do important operational tasks for organizations. Also, professionals like broadcasters, technologists, and artists belong to this group. Pay ranges from ₦22,000 to ₦32,000.

Grade Level 04: Civil workers in this grade handle more complex administrative and technical tasks. They may work as senior technicians, administrators, accountants, or law enforcement personnel. Their pay ranges from ₦22,500 to ₦35,000.

Grade Level 05: Civil servants in specialized professional and management roles are in Grade 05. They have more freedom to use their specialized knowledge. Jobs include researchers, engineers, economists, personnel managers, physicians, and pharmacists. Pay ranges from ₦25,000 to ₦41,000.

Grade Level 06: Workers in Grade 06 have senior managerial responsibilities. They oversee administrative divisions, departments, or units. Positions include financial managers, senior engineers, and medical consultants. Pay ranges from ₦31,000 to ₦49,500.

Grade Level 07: Public officials in Grade 07 take on advanced management duties for organization branches and key programs. Positions include chief pharmacists, district treasurers, and department heads. Pay ranges from ₦41,500 to ₦64,000.

Grade Level 08: Senior administrators in Grade 08 oversee organizational divisions and create strategic policies. Examples include chief medical directors and chief engineers. Pay ranges from ₦54,000 to ₦80,000.

Grade Level 09: Top administrators in Grade 09 run local councils or entire organizations. Positions include chief planning officers and hospital heads. Pay ranges from ₦63,500 to ₦96,000.

Grade Level 10: Grade 10 includes directors general and chairmen of parastatal departments. They have a lot of responsibility and oversee substantial resources to achieve government objectives. Pay ranges from ₦73,000 to ₦111,500.

Grade Level 12: Workers at this level, with salaries ranging from ₦87,500 to ₦127,000, support executive governors in coordinating government operations. Positions include Secretary to the State Government, Clerk of the State House of Assembly, Commissioner, and Head of the Service.

Grade Level 13: Civil servants at this level, earning between ₦98,000 and ₦138,500, are responsible for formulating state-wide policies and implementing initiatives selected by governors. Typical positions include State Ministry Permanent Secretaries.

Grade Level 14: This grade, with salaries ranging from ₦107,500 to ₦153,000, represents the highest echelon of career public officers. Individuals are appointed to positions at this special level by the State Civil Service Commission.

Grade Level 15: Workers in Grade 15, with salaries ranging from ₦120,000 to ₦167,500, lead significant governmental organizations. Positions include rectors, provosts, and deans heading tertiary education institutions such as universities, colleges, and polytechnics.

Grade Level 16: At this level, with salaries ranging from ₦132,000 to ₦190,000, appointees from Osun State oversee the entire state university system. They provide an overall vision to manage multiple campuses and ensure educational standards.

Grade Level 17: Reserved for exceptional individuals, Grade 17 civil servants, with salaries ranging from ₦147,500 to ₦213,500, administer complete state university complexes. Their expertise and experience contribute to enhancing capacity building efforts.


In addition to their basic salary, Osun State Civil Servants receive various allowances to cover specific costs or challenges associated with their job.

Here are some common examples:

  1. Housing Allowance: Employees receive this allowance to assist with living expenses. The amount varies based on the employee’s grade level and the region they reside in.
  2. Transport Stipend: This allowance helps employees cover transportation costs. The amount depends on factors like commute distance and grade level.
  3. Leave Allowance: When taking annual leave, employees receive payments based on their base pay and the duration of their absence.
  4. Hazard Allowance: Certain civil service positions expose employees to hazardous situations. Hazard allowances are provided to offset these risks, with higher amounts for positions with greater potential for workplace accidents.
  5. Entertainment Allowance: Employees performing official entertainment duties may receive allowances to cover expenses related to hosting visitors or attending events on behalf of the government.
  6. Utility Allowance: Employees who need assistance with paying for utilities like water, electricity, and phone services can apply for this allowance.
  7. Medical Allowance: To meet healthcare needs, employees receive a medical allowance that can be used for their own and their dependents’ medical expenses.

It’s important to note that the specific allowances and their rates may be influenced by individual employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, and government laws.

In conclusion, it’s crucial for both employees and stakeholders to understand the pay scale and benefits offered by the Osun State Civil Service. This understanding not only helps employees manage their finances effectively but also ensures transparency and fairness in compensation practices.

By adhering to consistent procedures and providing adequate benefits, the civil service can attract and retain talented individuals, thereby fostering overall growth and development in the state.

The revised remuneration plan for government officials in Osun State for 2024 includes numerous new grade levels and pay increases, particularly for entry- and mid-level positions. These adjustments aim to align state employee salaries with the rising cost of living and federal earnings, thereby enhancing employee satisfaction and performance.

Moving forward, it’s essential to closely monitor the affordability and impact of the 2024 civil service pay reform in Osun State. This ongoing evaluation will ensure that the reform continues to meet its objectives effectively.

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