Road Accident Fund (RAF) Recruitment June 2024: Available Jobs, Application, How to Apply

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The Road Accident Fund is a key institution in South Africa, helping people who are hurt in road accidents. RAF gives money to victims and their families. This article will guide you on how to apply for a job at RAF, what jobs are open, and what you need to know.

What is the Road Accident Fund?

The RAF is a public organization in South Africa. It was created to give money to people hurt in road accidents. It started on August 1, 1997. The money for fund comes from a fuel levy, which is part of the fuel price.


Working at the Road Accident Fund offers several advantages. Firstly, there is job security, as it is a stable and well-established organization. This stability provides peace of mind to employees, knowing they have a secure job in a reputable institution.

Career growth is another significant benefit. Employees have opportunities for promotion and professional development. The organization encourages continuous learning and skill enhancement, which helps employees advance in their careers.

Health benefits are also provided, ensuring employees and their families have access to medical care. This includes medical insurance, which covers a range of healthcare services, reducing the financial burden on employees.

The organization values work-life balance. It understands the importance of employees having time for their personal lives, so it promotes a healthy balance between work and personal time. Flexible working hours and the possibility of remote work contribute to this balance.

Additionally, employees receive competitive salaries and other financial benefits, such as pension plans and bonuses. These financial perks add to the overall compensation package, making it more attractive.

Finally, working at the Road Accident Fund allows employees to make a meaningful impact. The organization helps victims of road accidents, providing financial support and assistance. Being part of a team that makes a difference in people’s lives is highly rewarding.

In summary, the Road Accident Fund offers job security, career growth, health benefits, work-life balance, competitive salaries, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. These benefits make it a desirable place to work

How to Find Open Jobs at RAF

There are several ways to find out about job openings :

RAF Career Website: The main place to find job openings is the RAF’s official website.

Job Boards: Websites like Govpage, Indeed, PNet, and Careers24 often have RAF job listings.

Social Media: Follow RAF on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates on new jobs.

Steps to Apply for a Job at RAF

Here are the steps to apply for a job at RAF:

Visit the RAF Career Website: Go to the RAF website to see the available jobs.

Browse Available Jobs: Look through the job listings and find one that fits you.

Read Job Descriptions: Make sure you read the job descriptions and check if you meet the requirements.

Apply Online: Click the “Apply now” button to start your application.

Follow Instructions: Submit your application online by following the given instructions.

Await Feedback: Wait for RAF to get back to you about your application status.

Available Jobs

RAF offers many different jobs. Here are some of the types of jobs you might find:

Job TitleDepartmentLocationRequirements
Claims ProcessorClaims DepartmentJohannesburgMatric, experience in claims processing
Legal AdvisorLegal DepartmentPretoriaLaw degree, 3 years legal experience
IT Support OfficerIT DepartmentCape TownIT diploma, experience in IT support
HR OfficerHR DepartmentDurbanHR degree, 2 years HR experience
Finance OfficerFinance DepartmentBloemfonteinFinance degree, experience in finance

Job Descriptions and Requirements

  • Claims Processor: Helps process claims from accident victims. Needs a matric certificate and experience in claims.
  • Legal Advisor: Gives legal advice to RAF. Needs a law degree and three years of legal experience.
  • IT Support Officer: Provides IT support to RAF staff. Needs an IT diploma and IT support experience.
  • HR Officer: Manages HR tasks. Needs an HR degree and two years of HR experience.
  • Finance Officer: Handles financial tasks. Needs a finance degree and finance experience.


Applying for a job at the Road Accident Fund can be a great opportunity. It’s important to know where to find job openings, understand the application process, and prepare your application well. Working at RAF can be rewarding and offer many benefits. Follow this guide to increase your chances of getting a job at RAF

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