UN Internships April 2024 (123 Jobs) – Find Your Opportunity

Ever dreamed of impacting the world positively? The United Nations opens a pathway for the youth through its internship program, enabling them to gain priceless insights into international relations.

This guide demystifies the UN internships, from what they are to how you can successfully apply.

What are UN Internships?

The UN Internship Program acts as a launch platform for those at the start of their careers and students.

It’s your chance to work alongside seasoned professionals on projects that matter.

Think of it as your first step toward a rewarding global career.

Why UN Internships?

  • Experience the real world: Learn from the experts and work on projects addressing global issues.
  • Skill development: Sharpen your communication, research, and critical thinking skills in an international setting.
  • Networking: Meet UN staff and other interns, expanding your professional circle.
  • Make an impact: Contribute directly to the UN’s goals of fostering peace, development, and human rights.

UN internships span various fields like communications, economics, environmental studies, and social sciences. They typically last 3 to 9 months and are available at UN offices around the globe.

Finding Open Internships:

Eager to start? Locating open UN internships is straightforward. Visit the UN Careers Portal and check out the Internships section. As of now, 123 exciting opportunities await eager applicants.

Pro tip: Keep an eye on the UN Careers Portal for the latest internship updates.

How to Apply for a UN Internship:

Securing a UN internship involves a thoughtful application and understanding the process. Here’s a guide to help you stand out:

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  1. Research and Preparation:

Begin with thorough research. Understand the UN’s mission and the specific department’s goals. Demonstrate your interest and initiative.

Assess your qualifications. Match your academic and volunteer experiences with the internship requirements.

  1. Explore Open Internships:

Return to the UN Careers Portal to find a role that fits your passion and skills.

  1. Craft a Compelling Application:

Use the UN’s online platform for applications. Make your profile reflect your strengths, experiences, and motivation.

Key point: Customize your resume and cover letter, focusing on the required skills and experiences for the internship.

  1. Submit Your Application:

Carefully follow the application instructions on the UN Career Portal, submitting all necessary documents before the deadline.

  1. Screening and Selection:

The UN reviews each application, looking for those who meet the criteria and have the desired competencies.

If successful, you may be called for further evaluations, like interviews or tests.

  1. Notification and Placement:

If selected, you’ll receive an offer detailing the internship’s duration, location, and duties.

If not chosen, keep striving. The UN encourages persistent effort and future applications.

With the right preparation and a solid application, a UN internship could be your entrance to an impactful career in international relations. Remember, your efforts can truly make a difference!

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