UNEP Recruitment (May 2024): How to Apply for Open Jobs and Vacancies

The United Nations Environment Programme is a crucial branch of the United Nations that leads global efforts to address environmental challenges.

UNEP sets the global environmental agenda, promotes sustainable development, and acts as a powerful advocate for environmental issues.

Currently, UNEP is offering several job opportunities, and this guide will help you understand these roles and how to apply for them effectively.

Explore Career Opportunities

UNEP is looking for dedicated individuals to fill various roles in program and project management, administrative support, and more. These positions are designed to support mission and extend its impact on environmental policies worldwide.

Current Job Openings  

Here are some of the roles UNEP is looking to fill:

  • Programme Management Assistant: Helps coordinate and manage program and project activities.
  • Administrative Assistant: Supports administrative tasks and manages office functions.

Each position comes with its responsibilities and requirements, which are detailed below.

Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

1. Programme Management Assistant


  • Assists in the coordination of program and project planning, monitoring the status of proposals, and preparing documentation for review.
  • Compiles and summarizes information on programs and projects.
  • Reviews and processes project documents, ensuring compliance with rules and procedures.
  • Monitors project delivery and budgets, drafting reports on progress and any issues.
  • Provides administrative coordination, liaising with various units to process actions like recruitment, travel arrangements, and fund disbursement.
  • Drafts correspondence on budget issues and prepares financial and status reports.
  • Assists with data collection, analysis, and preparation of reports for decision-making.
  • Guides and trains junior staff as needed.


  • Professionalism: Demonstrates knowledge of program administration and budgeting. Works efficiently and remains calm under stress.
  • Planning & Organizing: Sets clear goals aligned with agreed strategies and uses time efficiently.
  • Teamwork: Works collaboratively and supports team decisions.

Education & Experience:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • Post-secondary training in program management is desirable.
  • At least five years of experience in program or project management, reduced to three years for those with a university degree.
  • Experience in the UN system or similar organizations is beneficial.
  • Knowledge of ERP systems and data analytics is a plus.

2. Administrative Assistant

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  • Manages HR activities like recruitment, staff performance reviews, and ensuring consistency in applying UN rules.
  • Responds to inquiries about entitlements, administrative procedures, and service conditions.
  • Oversees vacancy announcements and processes personnel actions.
  • Assists in budget preparation and financial management, including monitoring expenditures.
  • Coordinates travel arrangements and organizes events.
  • Drafts routine correspondence and coordinates with various teams.
  • May guide and supervise junior administrative staff.


  • Professionalism: Able to perform a broad range of administrative functions with mastery of subject matter.
  • Teamwork: Collaborates effectively and supports team decisions.
  • Client Orientation: Maintains productive partnerships with clients and responds proactively to their needs.

Education & Experience:

  • Completion of high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • Additional qualifications in business administration, HR, or finance are desirable.
  • At least seven years of experience in administration, finance, or HR, reduced to five years for those with a university degree.
  • Experience with ERP systems like SAP and data analytics is beneficial.

How to Apply

To apply for a job, follow these steps:

  1. Visit UNEP’s Career Page: Go to UNEP’s official website and navigate to the careers section to view available jobs.
  2. Select the Job: Choose the position you are interested in and review the job description and requirements carefully.
  3. Create an Account: If you are a new user, create an account on UNEP’s job application platform to proceed.
  4. Complete the Application Form: Fill in the application form with accurate information and attach all required documents, including your resume and cover letter.
  5. Submit the Application: Double-check your application for any errors and submit it before the deadline.
  6. Wait for Feedback: After submission, your application will be reviewed, and you will be contacted if you are shortlisted for an interview.

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline: 4th June 2024

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