Call For Applications: KPMG Global Internship Program May 2024

Are you an ambitious student eager to gain international experience?  

Do you dream of working alongside talented professionals on a global scale?  

The KPMG Global Internship Program (KGIP) could be your perfect launchpad. This program is designed specifically for students who’ve already secured a regular internship with KPMG in their home country.

KGIP takes your experience a step further by offering a four-week rotation in another country.

Why Consider the KPMG Global Internship Program?

Boost Your Career: KGIP allows you to work alongside experienced KPMG professionals on real client projects. This hands-on experience gives you a valuable edge in the job market.

Global Exposure: Working abroad broadens your horizons and helps you understand different cultures. This makes you a more well-rounded professional, prepared to succeed in the global business world.

Top-Notch Training: During KGIP, you’ll benefit from KPMG’s renowned training programs, giving you the skills and knowledge to excel.

Who is Eligible?

Current Interns: This program is open to students who already have an internship offer with a company in their home country.

Ready to Travel: You must be willing to commit to a four-week internship in a different country. Be prepared for an exciting adventure!

Benefits of the Global Internship Program

Hassle-Free Relocation: The program helps with visa applications, flights, and even covers your accommodation costs.

Mentorship and Guidance: Throughout the program, you’ll receive support from experienced mentors who will help you navigate the new environment and ensure your success.

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Real Work Experience: This is not an observation program. You’ll be actively involved in client projects, gaining valuable practical experience.

How to Apply

Check Your Country’s Requirements: The program is available in various countries. Each location might have specific requirements, so be sure to research your country’s program details.

Visit the Company Website: Head to the company website (link not provided due to privacy concerns) and find the information for your country’s Global Internship Program.

Apply Online: Each country will have its own application process and deadlines. Make sure to submit your application well before the deadline to be considered.

Get ready to take your internship to the global stage. The Global Internship Program is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable international experience and launch your career towards a bright future


Q1: What are the costs associated with the program?

Answer: The program covers visa, flight, and lodging costs for selected interns. (Address a key concern for applicants)

Q2: What types of projects can I expect to work on during the internship?

Answer: Global interns are assigned to real client engagement teams, working alongside KPMG professionals on various projects. The specific projects will depend on your placement and the needs of the local office. (Provides a sense of the internship experience)

Q3: What are the deadlines for applications in different countries?

Answer: Deadlines vary by country. We recommend visiting the KPMG website and selecting your desired country to access specific program details and application deadlines. (Guides applicants to the official source for complete information)

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