Details of Civil Defence Salary Structure and Ranks

Find out about the important jobs at the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC). From top positions like Commandant General to entry-level roles, understand what each person does. Also, see how much money they make in a year.

In Nigeria, the Civil Defence Corps, officially known as the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of the nation’s citizens and infrastructure. The NSCDC is responsible for various tasks including protecting critical infrastructure, disaster management, and maintaining peace and order.

The salary structure and ranks within the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps are determined by the Nigerian government and are subject to periodic reviews and adjustments. Generally, the salary structure is based on rank and years of service, with allowances and bonuses also factored in.

Positions at Civil Defence NIGERIA

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) is like a big security team protecting people and important places in Nigeria. They have different jobs within the NSCDC, each crucial for keeping everyone safe. Here’s a breakdown of some key positions:

  • Top Boss (Commandant General): This is the leader of the whole NSCDC, making sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Right-Hand People (Deputy Commandants General): They assist the top boss with different tasks and areas, like specific departments or regions.
  • Support Crew (Assistant Commandants General): They help manage the NSCDC by coordinating activities and operations.

There are also leaders who manage smaller groups within the NSCDC:

  • Commandants: They head specific areas within the NSCDC and make sure plans and rules are followed.
  • Deputy Commandants: These are the number twos, helping commandants with everyday tasks.
  • Assistant Commandants: They supervise specific units or departments, ensuring tasks are completed.

The NSCDC also has experienced officers with special roles:

  • Chief Superintendents: They lead specialized teams or units within the NSCDC.
  • Superintendents: These are middle managers who oversee others and make sure they follow the rules.

There are also officers who help higher-ranked officials:

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  • Deputy Superintendents: They assist senior officers and might lead smaller teams.
  • Assistant Superintendents: These are new officers who are trained and given various tasks, like fieldwork and office work.

The NSCDC isn’t just about these positions, though. They also have people with special skills who work in areas like disaster management and investigations.

Salary Chart of Civil Defence

Here are the different ranks in the Civil Defence and how much they earn each year:

Level 3-5Assistant Cadre₦296,506 and ₦374,259
Level 6Assistant Inspectorate Cadre₦357,385 and ₦411,454
Level 7Inspectorate Cadre₦483,014 and ₦567,065
Level 8Assistant Superintendent Cadre II₦858,956 and ₦986,991
Level 9Assistant Superintendent Cadre I₦939,310 and ₦1,056,416
Level 10Deputy Superintendent Cadre II₦1,012,562 and ₦1,143,539
Level 11Superintendent Cadre II₦1,094,027 and ₦1,252,038
Level 12Chief Superintendent Cadre II₦1,158,172 and ₦1,325,234
Level 13Assistant Commander₦1,225,584 and ₦1,405,449
Level 14Deputy Commander₦1,619,447 and ₦1,825,589
Level 15Chief Commander₦1,759,921 and ₦1,966,281
Level 16Assistant Commandant General₦2,272,288 and ₦2,464,560

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