Collecting Your R350 SASSA Grant at Pick n Pay: A Step-by-Step Guide

Picking up your R350 grant at Pick n Pay might seem a little scary at first, especially if you’re not used to dealing with official things. But don’t worry, it’s actually very simple! Here’s a clear breakdown of everything you need to do:

What You’ll Need:

  • Your ID: This could be either your South African government ID card or your driver’s license. Remember, it has to be the original document, not a copy.
  • Your Phone: Make sure it’s the same phone number you gave SASSA when you applied for the grant. It should be charged and ready to receive messages.

Heading to Pick n Pay:

  • The Right Store: Look for the specific Pick n Pay store mentioned in your SASSA text message. That’s the only store where you can collect your money.
  • Finding a Cashier: Once you’re inside the store, look for any open cashier. These are the people who help you pay for your groceries.

Collecting Your Grant:

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  • Talk to the Cashier: Let them know that you’d like to collect your R350 grant. They will need your ID and the phone number you used on your application.
  • Check Your Phone: You’ll receive a special message on your phone screen. This message, called a USSD code, will ask your permission to release the money to you.
  • Say Yes!: It’s important to approve (say yes) to this USSD code message. The cashier can help you with this, whether it’s pressing a button or typing in a number.
  • Get Your Cash!: Once you approve the message, the cashier will hand you your R350 grant in cash.

Important Things to Remember:

  • Your Phone Only: You can’t use someone else’s phone to collect your grant, even if they agree to let you. It has to be your own phone with the registered number.
  • The Right Date: Don’t go to Pick n Pay before the date given to you in the SASSA approval message. They won’t be able to give you your money early.
  • The Chosen Store: You can only collect your grant at the specific Pick n Pay store SASSA tells you to go to. It won’t be available at every Pick n Pay.

By following these simple steps, collecting your R350 grant at Pick n Pay should be a breeze! Now you can enjoy your well-deserved money.

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