Don’t Get Scammed! Advisory on Fake N-Power 2024 Recruitment

Attention job seekers! As rumors about the 2024 N-Power recruitment swirl online, it’s crucial to stay vigilant and be informed.

Scammers are lurking, preying on hopeful applicants with fake websites and promises of quick enrollment.

This advisory aims to equip you with the knowledge to protect yourself from these fraudulent schemes.

The Facts You Need to Know:

  • N-Power recruitment has not yet begun: While the Federal Government plans to recruit 5 million youths under the “Renewed Hope Job Creation Program (RHJCP)” over five years, the official application process hasn’t launched.
  • N-Power recruitment is always free: Never pay any fees or charges during the application process. Legitimate N-Power recruitment will be publicized through official channels, including the N-Power website and social media platforms.
  • Beware of fake links and websites: Scammers create bogus websites that appear genuine, often mimicking the official N-Power branding. Always double-check website addresses and only access the official N-Power website

Protect Yourself from Scams:

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  • Stay informed: Follow N-Power on official social media channels and their website for updates and announcements regarding the recruitment process.
  • Don’t trust unsolicited messages: Scammers may send emails, text messages, or social media messages offering N-Power slots. Ignore these messages and report them to N-Power authorities.
  • Verify information: If you encounter any doubt about a recruitment link or website, cross-check with official sources before proceeding.
  • Never share personal information: Legitimate N-Power recruitment will not ask for sensitive information like bank details or passwords during the application process.

Stay Alert

  • Spread awareness: Share this information with your friends and family to help others stay informed and avoid falling victim to scams.

By staying vigilant and informed, you can navigate the job search confidently and avoid falling prey to N-Power recruitment scams. Remember, the official N-Power recruitment will be transparent and accessible to all, without any hidden fees or deceptive practices.

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