DPSA Recruitment Circular June 2024: Find Open Jobs, Requirements and Applications

The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) in South Africa announces job openings through vacancy circulars. These circulars provide details about available positions, requirements, and how to apply. This guide will help you understand how to find and apply for these jobs.

Finding Open DPSA Vacancy Circulars (June 2024)

Here is a simple way to find DPSA vacancy circulars:

  1. Visit the DPSA Website: Go to the official DPSA website.
  2. Navigate to the Newsroom Section: Look for the ‘Newsroom’ section on the menu bar.
  3. Access Public Service Vacancy Circular: In the Newsroom, select ‘Public Service Vacancy Circular.’
  4. Check Latest PSV Circulars: On the right side, you will see a list of the latest circulars.
  5. Click on the Latest Circular: Click on the top circular to see the most recent DPSA vacancy circular.

By following these steps, you can easily find and access the latest DPSA job opportunities.

Application Process for DPSA Vacancies

Reviewing Circular Requirements

Before you apply, carefully read the requirements for the job. These include:

  • Educational Qualifications: Check the level of education needed.
  • Work Experience: See if you need any specific work experience.
  • Skills: Look for any particular skills required.
  • Other Criteria: Note any other requirements set by the department.

Submitting Applications

To apply for a job:

  1. Prepare Your Documents: Get your CV, certified copies of your qualifications, and any other requested documents ready.
  2. Submit Online: Send your application online through the portal or email address given in the circular.

Assessment and Selection

After the application deadline:

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  1. Application Review: The department reviews all applications based on the job requirements.
  2. Shortlisting: Candidates who meet the criteria are shortlisted.
  3. Interviews and Assessments: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or tests.

Notification of Outcome

After the selection process:

  1. Successful Applicants: Those selected will be notified of their appointment.
  2. Unsuccessful Applicants: Others may receive feedback on their applications.

Example Table of Current DPSA Job Openings

Here is a table showing some example job openings from the latest DPSA vacancy circular:

Job TitleDepartmentLocationRequirements
Administrative OfficerHealth DepartmentPretoriaBachelor’s degree, 3 years experience
Finance ManagerFinance DepartmentCape TownMaster’s degree, 5 years experience
IT SpecialistTechnology DepartmentJohannesburgIT degree, 2 years experience
Human Resources OfficerHuman Resources DepartmentDurbanHR degree, 4 years experience
Project ManagerInfrastructure DepartmentEast LondonProject Management certification, 3 years experience


Keeping track of DPSA vacancy circulars and understanding the application process is important for anyone looking to work in South Africa’s public service sector. Follow the steps outlined above to find and apply for jobs easily.

Tips for a Successful Application

  1. Read Requirements Carefully: Ensure you meet all the criteria before applying.
  2. Prepare Documents Early: Have your CV and other documents ready to avoid last-minute rush.
  3. Follow Instructions: Submit your application exactly as instructed in the circular.
  4. Stay Updated: Regularly check the DPSA website for new circulars and updates.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us. Good luck with your job search

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