Netherlands and IITA Team Up to Train 10,000 Nigerian Youths in Farming!

Netherlands and IITA Team Up to Train 10,000 Nigerian Youths in Farming!

Good news for young Nigerians!

The Netherlands and a farming expert group called IITA are joining forces to teach 10,000 young people (aged 18-35) cool new ways to farm, using the latest technology to grow food without hurting the environment.

Why? Because farming can be a great way to make money, create jobs, and feed people, and young Nigerians have the energy and smarts to make it happen!

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What will they learn? Things like:

  • Modern farming techniques: This means using new tools and methods to grow more food with less water and land.
  • Sustainable practices: This means taking care of the environment while farming, so future generations can enjoy it too.
  • Starting a business: This means learning how to turn their farming skills into a successful business that makes them money.

Who’s helping?

  • The Netherlands: They’re providing funding and expertise.
  • IITA: They’re the farming experts who will teach the young people.
  • Partners: Local farms and businesses will help with training and provide support to the new farmers.

What’s the goal?

  • Train 10,000 young farmers: This will create jobs and boost the Nigerian economy.
  • Help feed Nigeria: More farmers means more food, which is especially important as the population grows.
  • Protect the environment: Sustainable farming practices will help keep Nigeria’s land and water healthy.

This is a big project with a big goal: to empower young Nigerians to build a brighter future for themselves and their country through farming!

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