SASSA Payment Dates April 2024, Check Payment Status

Get Ready! Your SASSA Grant is Coming in April (and March for SRD)

Planning your monthly expenses is easier when you know exactly when your SASSA grant will arrive.

Here’s what you need to know:


** predictable payment schedule:** SASSA releases a schedule each month, letting you know when to expect your grant based on the type you receive.

This helps you budget for groceries, rent, transportation, and other essentials.

April 2024 Payment Dates:

  • Older Persons Grants: 3rd April
  • Disability Grants: 4th April
  • Children’s Grants: 5th April
  • Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grants: 1st April

Special Note for SRD Grants (March 2024):

If you’re receiving the SRD grant, your payment for March will arrive between March 25th and 29th, 2024.

It’s important to check your status for the exact date within this timeframe. Even after processing, funds might take 2 to 3 days to show up in your account.

How to Check Your SASSA Grant Payment Status:

  • Visit the Official SASSA Website: Head to
  • Login or Register: If you haven’t already, create an account using your ID number and personal details.
  • Find “Payment Status”: Once logged in, look for a section called “Payment Status” or something similar.
  • View Grant Details: This section will show information about your specific grant, including the payment date and status.

Keeping Your SASSA Grant Flowing Smoothly:

Here are some tips to ensure you receive your grant without any problems:

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  • Update Your Information: Make sure SASSA has your current address, phone number, and bank details. This helps avoid any delays in receiving your grant.
  • Know Your Payment Date: Be familiar with the payment schedule for your specific grant type. This allows you to plan your finances accordingly.
  • Protect Your SASSA Card: Treat your card like a debit or credit card. Keep your PIN a secret and report a lost or stolen card immediately.
  • Beware of Scams: Don’t fall victim to schemes targeting SASSA beneficiaries. SASSA will never ask for personal information or payment to access your grant.
  • Check Your Status Regularly: Use the SASSA website or mobile app to monitor your payment status and stay updated on any changes to your grant information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What if I don’t receive my SASSA grant on the scheduled date?

If your grant isn’t there by the expected date, check your payment status online using the method described above. There could be a slight delay in processing, but if it’s still missing after a few days, contact SASSA for assistance.

Can I change my payment method (e.g., from bank deposit to cash collection)?

Yes, you can usually update your preferred payment method by contacting SASSA directly. Visit a local office or call their helpline for more information.

I lost my SASSA card. What should I do?

Report a lost or stolen card immediately to SASSA to prevent unauthorized use. They will be able to block your card and issue a new one.

I’m not sure if I qualify for a SASSA grant. How can I find out?

The website has information on eligibility requirements for different grant types. You can also visit a local office to speak to someone directly about your situation.

What if I have other questions about my SASSA grant?

The website has a comprehensive FAQ section that might answer your questions. You can also contact SASSA directly by phone or visit a local office for further assistance.

By understanding these tips and the different ways to access your grant payment, you can ensure you receive your SASSA grant safely and on time.

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