United Nations Jobs (May 2024): Open Positions

The United Nations (UN) is a group of countries that work together to help the world. It started on October 24, 1945, after the League of Nations didn’t work well.

The UN helps countries work together on big problems like keeping peace, helping poor countries, and making sure people are treated right.

Job Title: Administrative Officer (Temporary Job)

Job Areas: Administration, Secretarial, Finance, Accounting, Audit, Human Resources

What the Administrative Officer Does

Human Resource Management:

  • Helps coordinate human resource tasks like hiring, placing, promoting, reviewing jobs, and letting go of staff members
  • Gives information about job rules, duties, rights, and benefits
  • Guides and leads younger staff on human resources tasks

Budget and Finance:

  • Helps plan and carry out the budget to make sure money is used as planned
  • Checks the budget and work plan regularly to see if work is going as planned
  • Helps make reports about the budget and program
  • Works with system units to make budget reports better and use money wisely
  • Creates and uses rules to make sure money and accounting follow UN policies
  • Guides colleagues on financial and management issues

General Administration:

  • Takes care of tasks related to buying, billing, and getting money from services, travel, and checking how vendors are doing
  • Checks if there is enough space for the department
  • Looks into what technology the office needs and keeps equipment and software working well
  • Does other related jobs as needed

Skills Needed


  • Knows about how to manage money, budgets, and staff according to UN rules
  • Can use UN rules in different situations
  • Can research, think deeply, and make good choices
  • Works hard, meets deadlines, and gets results
  • Cares more about work than personal gains and keeps going even when things are tough
  • Stays calm when things are stressful and makes sure both women and men have equal chances to work


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  • Works well with others to meet UN goals
  • Values and uses other people’s ideas and is open to learning from them
  • Puts the team’s needs before their own and goes along with the group’s final choice
  • Shares success with the team and shares blame if things go wrong

Planning and Organizing:

  • Makes clear goals that match the UN’s plans
  • Picks important tasks and changes priorities if needed
  • Sets the right amount of time and resources to finish work
  • Thinks ahead about risks and plans for surprises
  • Keeps an eye on plans and changes them if needed
  • Uses time well

Education and Work Experience Needed

  • You need a higher degree (Master’s degree or similar) in business, public administration, finance, accounting, law, or a related area
  • If you have a basic university degree, you need two extra years of work to match the higher degree

Work Experience:

  • You need at least five years of growing experience in administration, finance, accounting, human resources, or a related field
  • It’s good if you have three years of experience in the UN or a similar group
  • It’s good if you have experience with human resources tasks
  • It’s good if you have experience planning budgets or work programs
  • It’s good if you have used an Enterprise Resource Planning system

How to Apply

If you are interested and fit the job, please apply online. Remember, if you apply after the deadline, your application won’t be accepted.

Deadline to Apply: May 21, 2024

Apply Now

This is a great chance to work with the UN and help with global efforts in many areas. Make sure you apply on time and give all the needed information

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