YAS Training Application Form – The IITA Youth in Agribusiness Training Program 2024

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Cultivating Young Agripreneurs: The IITA Youth in Agribusiness Training Program

Across Africa, a wave of agricultural transformation is rising, fueled by the innovative spirit of young minds.

Recognizing this potential, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), in partnership with Bopinc and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, proudly announces the Youth in Agribusiness: Enabling scaling of innovative technologies for sustainable food solutions (YAS) project.

This initiative seeks to empower aspiring agripreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35 by equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic world of agribusiness.

Igniting Growth Through Two Tracks:

Whether you’re dreaming of launching your first venture or seeking to propel your existing agribusiness to new heights, the YAS project offers two tailored tracks to meet your needs:

  • Incubator Track: Designed for aspiring agripreneurs, this track provides a launchpad for your entrepreneurial journey. Through intensive training and mentorship, you’ll gain the critical skills needed to conceptualize, launch, and grow your agribusiness venture.
  • Accelerator Track: Are you ready to amplify your existing agribusiness? This track provides the expertise and guidance to scale your operations, optimize your processes, and secure sustainable growth.

Delving into Diverse Value Chains:

The YAS project delves into a range of high-impact value chains crucial to Africa’s food security and economic development. You’ll have the opportunity to specialize in:

  • Yam: Unlock the vast potential of this versatile crop, learning advanced cultivation techniques, processing methods, and market access strategies.
  • Poultry: Raise your poultry business to new levels through efficient production practices, value-added product development, and effective marketing tactics.
  • Cassava: Master the intricacies of cassava farming, processing, and marketing, transforming this staple crop into a source of income and food security.
  • Maize: Uncover the secrets of optimizing maize production, explore value-added processing options, and navigate the complexities of the maize market.
  • Soybean: Dive into the lucrative world of soybean cultivation, processing, and marketing, contributing to increased protein availability and economic opportunities.
  • Horticulture: Cultivate your passion for fresh produce by learning best practices in vegetable and fruit production, post-harvest handling, and market linkages.
  • Groundnut: Tap into the immense potential of this high-value crop, mastering production techniques, value-added processing, and market access strategies.
  • Aquaculture: Chart a course for success in the dynamic world of fish farming, acquiring expertise in pond management, sustainable aquaculture practices, and market penetration.

Cultivating a Bright Future:

The YAS project transcends mere training. It fosters a vibrant community of young agripreneurs, providing access to expert mentors, networking opportunities, and ongoing support.

This ensures that your journey into agribusiness is not simply a solitary endeavor, but a collaborative path toward shared success and transformation.

Join the Movement:

If you’re a young African brimming with entrepreneurial spirit and passionate about transforming the agricultural landscape, then the YAS project awaits you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your potential, contribute to sustainable food systems, and become a game-changer in the future of African agriculture.

Applications are now open until February 9, 2024. Click HERE to apply and embark on your journey toward becoming a thriving agripreneur!

Together, let’s cultivate a future where young minds sow the seeds of innovation and harvest a bountiful future for Africa.

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